Dear Rouge Phases Tour

The Park Theatre Presents:

Dear Rouge Phases Tour

Modern Space, The Treble

Fri · September 28, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)

$21.00 - $54.99

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This event is all ages

Dear Rouge - (Set time: 10:45 PM)
Dear Rouge
While bands often spend their early days discovering their musical directions and vying for visibility, the story of Vancouver's Dear Rouge is something unique and almost unheard of in Canada. The band is led by husband and wife duo Drew and Danielle McTaggart. Between the two of them, they carry years of touring and recording with multiple bands and different musical ventures. It was these days of young exploration that led them to meeting. Both driven by a passion to create energetic music with a creative backbone, they formed Dear Rouge and their debut EP Heads Up Watch Out.

Their follow up EP Kids Wanna Know helped hone their alternative dance-rock sound and also led to the duo winning the Peak Performance Project in 2012, the largest artist development project in Canada. Bolstered by their success and now financially equipped to delve further into their music, Dear Rouge got straight to work on their first full-length record. The record's lead single "I Heard I Had" is a driving synth-rock jam, which shocked the entire Canadian music industry by steadily climbing the alternative and rock charts to the Top 5 – with no label or album backing it; a rare feat especially for a band that had no previous charting history.

Dear Rouge's debut album BLACK TO GOLD is the culmination of these achievements. "This was our chance to go deeper. We had the time now to take some risks", says Danielle. The album boasts an expansive sonic palette with punchy guitar hooks, uplifting synth layers, and the sincerely powerful vocal delivery of Danielle. Producer/Engineer Ryan Worsley and Drew produced the majority of the album, providing a steadfast vision for their sound whilst working alongside Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara, Mother Mother) and Gavin Brown (Metric, Hey Ocean!). One listen of "Colours" or "Best Look Lately" showcases the band's ability to craft songs with mass appeal that maintain independent authenticity. Dear Rouge have found a distinguishing strength in tackling heavy, hard-hitting emotions in song form by transforming them into tunes so easy to digest, you may not realize what's being explored on the first listen. "We Don't Fit Together" explores the tensions of a love that cannot be, juxtaposed by harmonies sung by the married leading duo. On the anthem-like "Nostalgia", try not to feel that bittersweet emotion when Danielle achingly pleads, "Hold on; I won't forget you". The title track "Black To Gold" is an unabashedly 80's influenced affair as Danielle's vocals pierce through the uptight synth-drums to announce, "We came too far to be looking back"; summing up the organic beginnings and stream of creativity that has kept them looking forward, excited of what is to come, rather than to the past.

It feels as if Dear Rouge has been in existence for quite some time; a thought that was stirring in the mind of this duo since before they met or first started playing music. Now that this idea has been realized, it will soon be in your head too.
Modern Space - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
The Treble - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
When your band hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, the hard-bitten Canadian prairie town that has produced some of the most iconic, legendary and important artists to ever come from The Great White North, you have some pretty big musical shoes to fill.

But with the same drive, musical chops and nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic as the likes of Neil Young, The Guess Who and The Weakerthans comes The Treble – a band that is truly making music fans sit up and take notice.

Since 2010, The Treble has carved out a reputation for crafting impressively bold and unique folk-infused pop music that has enough of the integral rock vibe to appeal to a phenomenal cross-section of music lovers.

The last three years have been a true whirlwind for the band. The Treble made an instant impact on the local music scene, and garnering attention far and wide. They were signed to one of the most respected booking agencies in the world, and were given the instant opportunity to tour across Canada playing every venue imaginable, from intimate clubs to arenas and stadiums.

Vocalist/lyricist Mark Brusegard, keyboardist Colin McTavish, drummer Dana Jerlo, guitarist Graeme Woods and bassist Pat Hansen, met on the local Winnipeg music scene, and quickly realized they could make beautiful – and impactful - music together.

"When we put this together we were serious. We lined up a group of guys that all had the same focus and vision. It's amazing when everyone's personalities and priorities line up. We get along so well, and I think that comes across in the music," said Woods.

Produced by Chris Burke-Gaffney (Chantal Kreviazuk, McMaster and James), the band's recently released second EP "Northern Lights" is now their main focus as they criss-cross the country, charming music lovers from coast to coast.

Brusegard said like the rest of the band, when he composes music, and particularly the lyrics, honesty and authenticity are paramount. "We're not trying to solve the world's problems. I have always prided myself on making honest music. I don't like trying to write a song about something I don't feel like writing about. I love people knowing that the voice of The Treble is always real, and that's what I appreciate in any music I listen to. If I can hear that a singer really believes what he is singing, that matters more to me, often, than how good the song is," he said.

Their first official single to radio, entitled 'Boston' is already making an impact, and catching on with both programmers and fans alike. The track is indicative of just how collaborative the five musicians are. No one gets too precious about their ideas, allowing for a free-flowing discussion that creates an openness which is rare amongst groups of creative people.

"It is one of our folkier songs, but still has a pretty good pop sensibility to it. The song is special to us because it really only came together in its final form after we all got together on it. We had been working with this song for a long time. It was virtually done but there was something that still didn't seem right about it," said Brusegard, who said that he took five cracks at the chorus before throwing up his hands.

"So we brought everyone together, and we actually decided to try it out live. So everybody started singing and we had sort of a five-part harmony thing and that brought the chorus and the whole song to life. We were able to finish the song really quickly and when we heard the final version it gave us all chills. I don't think any of us thought 'oh yeah this is going to be a big hit,' but it's certainly a song that we all just really love as a band. Boston really represents everything that's special about The Treble."

Brusegard said the song 'Overrated' is truly a cautionary tale about life in the fast-paced, technologically-dependent 21st Century.

"We all have something that we've always wanted, desperately. What if you get there and find out it's not all it's cracked up to be? The song is about how you should take a step back for a second and see how awesome everything is along the way. Then it doesn't matter if whatever it is at the end of the process turns out to be amazing or not, you've enjoyed the journey and got something wonderful out of it," he explained.

"And that is how we look at what we do as a band. A lot of our songs are really about the process of creating music and how we're trying to take a crack at something – being a professional band creating our own music – that everybody says is impossible right now. But we see the process as being as important as the end goal, if not more so."

"In addition to being committed to their music and to each other, the members of The Treble are also committed to using their time and talents to help worthy causes. 24 Gigs in 24 Hours is their pride and joy.

"It was originally inspired by UK recording artist Frank Turner" explains Pat. "It's like a crazy little tour in one day. We play 24 times in one day at 24 different venues, and all the proceeds from those 24 shows go to charity. In 2011 we did it for The Red Cross, and last year it was for the Winnipeg Harvest Food Bank. This year we are planning 24 shows in 24 hours in Toronto.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?
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The Park Theatre
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