Crapshoot! with Ron Lynch

Oddblock Comedy Festival 2017

Crapshoot! with Ron Lynch

Ron Lynch, Oddblock

Sun · August 27, 2017

Doors: 11:30 pm / Show: 12:00 am (event ends at 1:30 am)


This event is all ages

Ron Lynch is rolling the dice and betting it all on great entertainment for the Saturday late show here at Oddblock. Always a festival favourite, Ron's post midnight antics never let the crowd down. Anything can happen with Craphshoot! Audience members draw slips of paper out of a hat and whatever they read...happens! We don’t know what. We don’t know when. Everything is a surprise!

Comedy! Music! Videos! Magic! Madness? This variety show has a little bit everything you would expect from a variety show, and endless amounts of the unexpected.
Ron Lynch
Ron Lynch
RON LYNCH is considered one of the forefathers of alternative comedy. Ron was part of the Boston comedy scene that spawned such comics as Steven Wright, Paula Poundstone, Bobcat Goldthwait, Marc Maron, and others featured with him in the documentary, "When Comedy Was King." Ron studied theater in New York and improvisation at Second City Chicago. Presently, he is the host/producer of the popular "Tomorrow!" variety show, now in its tenth year, which occurs every Saturday at midnight in Los Angeles. His act is a blend of characters, improvisation, sounds, and other stuff. His credits include The Sarah Silverman Program (he played all the doctors), Conan, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, and several sitcoms. His voice can be heard on Bob's Burgers, Adventure Time, Dr. Katz, Tim and Eric, and the cult favorite, Home Movies, where he was Mr. Lynch. Movie credits include "Smashed," "Murder in the First," several independents, and many short movies, including a few produced with Louie CK. He plays drums in two bands, both mostly comics, still hasn't done his taxes, and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland this last August!
Venue Information:
The Park Theatre
698 Osborne Street
Winnipeg, MB, R3L 2B9